John Isaac Watters has long been among the most cerebral, although underappreciated, purveyors of folk music in Los Angeles, his spare meditations fraught with the fragility of his own humanity (and yours). During his 2016 residency at the Hi Hat, Watters unveiled the new collaboration Rainstorm Brother, which finds the singer-songwriter working with keyboardist-producer Tyler Chester to achieve a sound that might be described as cinematic freak-folk … or, at least, experimental and

Rainstorm Brother’s Pt.1 is the perfect marriage of solo artist (and former architect) Watters’ pensive, spare acoustic numbers and producer/keyboardist Chester’s deep, dreamy soundscapes. Across the six songs, Watters’ work as a folk/country balladeer is juxtaposed to intoxicating effect with Chester’s synthesizers, layered strings, modular electronics, sequencers, 808s, live drums and electric guitar, casting his music in a lush and challenging new