John Isaac Watters & Tyler Chester are collaborating on a new project:


The album is planned as 3 sets of 3 songs - to be released over the first few months of 2016. Part I deals with different forms of loss: that of a friend to suicide, of family members departing to other continents, time slipping, and the breeze that tears the kids quietly. The title of the EP is taken from "On The Edge."

"There's a sensitive and sweet // uninhibited piece of you // that wells up when you leave // and carries you away. // And the silence that descends // is a blanket or a balm to me, // like sunlight through the lens // of a rainstorm of a brother of a friend"


Originally from Redlands, California, Tyler Chester is An LA based producer and multi-instrumentalist who has worked with Jackson Browne, Nikka Costa, Blake Mills, Sara Watkins, Hayes Carll, Gungor, and George Ezra among many others. When he is not touring, Chester works out of his recording studio in Glassell Park.

John Isaac Watters has independently released 3 albums over the last 5 years: Parachute Tramps, CASAS, and Campanas. RAINSTORM BROTHER is Watters' first new release in 2 years. He recently completed his first nationwide tour in which he drove his gold 2002 saturn almost 9000 miles. He is now back home in a converted garage in Historic Filipinotown where he is writing songs, making paintings and buildings, and planning the next tour. 

Throughout 2014 and 2015 Watters maintained a weekly residency at Hyperion Tavern in Silver Lake. The residency had many notable guest performers, people like Daniel Lanois, Will Butler of Arcade Fire, and Mark Eitzel of American Music Club. It was through that residency that Watters and Chester met and began performing and recording together.

Currently, John Isaac Watters holds a residency at the Hi-Hat in Highland Park, where he and Tyler are performing songs from Rainstorm Brother with a full band... Every Tuesday in March! 

some more facts:

each song on RAINSTORM BROTHER has a different drummer they are:

Drivin'- Dan Bailey // Heavy Blue- Joel Plotnik // On The Edge- Paul Doyle

All other instruments were played by Tyler Chester (mostly) or John Isaac Watters.

Programming Engineering and Mixing was done by Tyler Chester.

the songs were written by John Isaac Watters 

Mastering by Mark Chalecki 

The album art is a composite of (2) Images. One of which is by La Mujer Tranvia Foto. The photos of John Isaac & Tyler in the studio were taken by Christine Chester.

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